Offwell Primary School
Be well; Learn well; Live well; Offwell

Vision and Values

Our vision sets our our aims for our whole school – children , staff and families.

Our Core Christian Values remain the same as they form the bedrock of all we do.

Our staff, governors, the School Council and Ethos Group were involved in developing our vision. We have tried to make our vision accessible and memorable, as well as inspirational and unique to our school. We aim for our vision to reflect our school’s care for the development of the whole person – physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, morally and spiritually – throughout life.

Core Values:

Sharing: Loyalty: Forgiveness: Honesty: Caring underpinned by Compassion


Our Vision:

Be well.

Learn well.

Live well.


Be well: we value our mental and physical health as the foundations of achieving our potential, through supporting and caring about our own and each other’s wellbeing.

Learn well: we are dedicated to ensuring that all our children are able to achieve to their full potential, through Quality First Teaching, a creative curriculum and good home-school support.

Live well: as a church school, we believe that we live best when we learn to live with and for each other; sharing our lives and our planet in a spirit of peace, hope, loyalty, honesty, forgiveness and compassion.


As well as choosing our 5 core values, the children chose the symbol of a hand to help remind us of those things, our values, which determine how we try to act toward each other.

“Be healthy in body and strong in spirit and may all go well with you..”                                                                                                       (from NLT 3 John 1:2)

Vision with biblical references