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Oak Class

Welcome to Oak Class

In our class we have children from Year 5 (ages 9 to 10) and Year 6 (ages 10 to 11). This makes us the oldest children in the school and we try to set a good example for everybody else.

Our classroom is the oldest room in the school dating back to 1840 when the school was founded. We have big windows, a wonderful high ceiling and some beautifully shaped arched doors. Our cloakroom is attached to the classroom and we also have a little room where we go to chat with one of our teaching team about anything bothering us or if we are doing a special piece of work.

One of the best areas in our room is our library. We have many books, fiction and non-fiction, and our class librarians help reserve books we want from the Honiton Mobile Library. Our teaching team also make sure we get lots of interesting books from the School Library Service. We have two comfortable chairs in the library where we can sit and enjoy reading. We have an Interactive Whiteboard which is easy to see but we can also use ‘Join Me’ which throws the picture on the IWB on to our Chromebooks – we are lucky enough to have one each.

The school day is busy but we have two breaks every day. The first one is only 15 minutes but that gives us time for a snack and a run around outside. The second one is an hour and we play outside for 30 minutes and then eat our lunch for 30 minutes. We enjoy playing outside and are proud of the area outside our classroom where we have been busy arranging plant pots, creating a water feature and generally trying to make our environment friendly for wildlife and us! Sometimes we go up and play in our Meadow at the back of the school – we  can have a great game of football or practise turning somersaults on the bars of the trim trail.

Like all the staff at Offwell School, the Teaching Team in Oak Class are friendly and supportive. They like us to work hard and always encourage us to do our individual best. The lessons are usually interesting and can be really good fun. We go to PE bright eyed and bushy tailed, which is brilliant, and we use the Village Hall and Playing Field. It is also enjoyable when we go for an action packed and adventurous welly walk down to Offwell Woods (we don’t always have to wear wellies)!


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