Offwell Primary School
Be well; Learn well; Live well; Offwell


PTFA logoOne of the signs of a thriving and successful school is an active, caring and supportive school community.  At Offwell School, parents, staff and friends, are prepared to give their time to support the School to make sure that Offwell is the best school it can be for our children.

What’s it all about?

Offwell C of E PTFA is the name of the school’s parent teacher friends’ association; it is your association, we are all members and it is our children who benefit from its actions.

Offwell C of E PTFA is about enriching the life of the school community through the organisation of events and the funding of extra curricular activities.  Simply, it’s about making sure we have the money for the important extras in school life that make Offwell an outstanding school.

Committee Members

Please feel free to speak to any committee member at the school gates, they would be happy to chat to you about the benefits of helping Offwell C of E PTFA.

Chairperson – Sophie Joy

Vice Chair – Rebecca Cooke

Secretary – Becky Brown

Treasurer – Cally Isaac

Press and Social Secretary – Jo Olive

Contact but also we’d welcome anyone to contact us via Facebook or in person.

The committee members of Offwell C of E PTFA suggest and plan an exciting range of fundraising activities with the emphasis heavily on fun. Unless we are saving for something special, such as the playground shelters, the money goes straight to the school! Most funds are then requested by the school to help the children and be spent on whatever is needed. This money is vitally important, given that Devon children receive one of the lowest amounts of funding compared to children from other counties in the country.

What so far?

Last financial year this group’s efforts raised an impressive £2955.67 which has contributed towards some excellent improvements for the children.

Most recently their support has allowed us to re-join the School Library Service.  Under this scheme we will be able to: provide topic books/artefacts for the children to support their themed learning; 200 new books will come into school and be exchanged regularly keeping class libraries vibrant and interesting; an audit of our existing libraries to make sure we are keeping up with current fiction and non-fiction.  This is hugely exciting as they have also released funds for us to upgrade our library areas – Oak Class has new shelving and a few chairs and the children are proud of this new environment.

Family Fun Dog Show
Sponsored Walk
Book stall
Christmas Fair


Outdoor shelters for sun and rain
Contributions towards school trips
Contribution towards transport for swimming
New equipment for classes
Easter eggs for the EYFS Easter Egg Hunt
Year 6 Leavers’ books



Without the active support of groups such as the PTFA we would still provide a high-quality education but their support allows us to put the icing on the cake!

How can you help?

Offwell C of E PTFA spends and needs about £3000 a year (which equates to just over £30 per child at the school). So how can you help?

  • Letting us know your ideas for fundraising, social events or sponsorship opportunities
  • Coming along to meetings (published in the weekly school newsletter and on the website).  We’re a friendly, welcoming bunch and believe it or not, we have quite a laugh!
  • Offering to help out at events where you can, or organising them!
  • Baking a cake
  • Putting us in touch with any friendly businesses, local celebrities or charities that may support our good cause or be willing to donate – anything!

and, perhaps, most importantly…..
Support for Offwell C of E PTFA events by bringing along your family and friends.

The PTFA helps us to provide extra equipment and trips for our children.