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Our Commitment
In 2018 we decided to support the URAFIKI Orphans and Vulnerable Children Scheme and we committed ourselves to raising £240 per year which is enough to sponsor two children through their education. We decided to support this charity by asking our children and also our parents, carers, governors and staff. One of the children has since moved on and no longer requires our support.



URAFIKI’s orphans and vulnerable children scheme (OVC) was set up in 2009 when the team in Yala identified a problem with young children being sent home from school due to lack of exam fees and uniform. Although primary education is free in Kenya, many families cannot afford to send their children to school due to the additional costs involved.

With the help of our sponsors, URAFIKI provides orphans and vulnerable children with the physical, mental and emotional tools to help them through their primary education, including money for school uniforms, monthly food and healthcare. Our hope is that, one day, every child will have the access to the education and training that is needed to lift themselves and the community out of desperate poverty.

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